Walvis Bay Gasshuku 2022 – Self Defense in the Dunes!

On the 5th of November Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Namibia Walvis Bay Dojo hosted the Walvis Bay National Gasshuku!

Students from both Windhoek’s Honbu and Shinto Dojo’s travelled to the coast to join Walvis Bay Dojo in the seminar which was hosted by Sensei Carl van der Merwe (7th Dan), Sensei Nico Maritz (5th Dan), Sensei Stefan van der Merwe (4th Dan), Sempai Jaco Steyn (1st Dan) and Senpai Dieter Buys (1st Dan).

Various sessions relating to the practical self defense were presented throughout the day by the different instructors, with the highlight sessions taking place at the dunes and on the lagoon.

“OGKN would like to thank Walvis Bay Dojo for once again hosting an experience packed Gasshuku, as well as all the students and parents who travelled to support the event! – Arigato!” – Sensei Carl van der Merwe