Family Katas shine at 2023 OGKN National Championships

On Saturday the 2nd of September Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Namibia hosted its annual National Karate Championships!

The competition featured 85 contestants from both our Honbu and Shinto Dojos. Additionally, there were a total of 15 team entries for a special family team kata event in which brothers, sisters and parents teamed up to compete in unison kata.

As part of the formalities of the day, Sensei Carl also awarded the following students with long-training awards for recognition of their years of training:

Sensei Marion Bause – 35 Years

Sensei Sam Ekandjo – 30 Years

Sensei Rowan Carstens – 25 Years

Sempai Justin Scholtz – 10 Years

Sempai Zuriel Campbell – 10 Years

Sempai Andre Viljoen – 10 Years

OGKN 2023 Senior Male Division with the new Senior Male Grand Champion – Justin Scholtz.

“OGKN would like to extend a special thank you to our event sponsors, FNB and Absolute Logistics, without whom this would not have been possible! We would also like to thank all the officials and parents who came out to support the event! Congratulations to all our contestants and champions on your amazing performances today! We look forward to the next one!” – Sensei Carl van der Merwe