Closing off the year with gradings and best attendance celebrations!

This past weekend Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Namibia rounded off another successful karate year with the final 2022 grading celebrations.

The grading was hosted in Windhoek on the 25th and 26th, with Walvis Bay Dojo hosting their gradings on the 29th. OGKN would like to congratulate all students on a year of hard work and progress!

Alongside the grading, the Annual Best Attendance Awards were also present to the students who have attended the most karate classes and events throughout 2022. The winners in each class category are as follows:

Honbu Dojo – Children Beginners

🥇Best Attendance – Megan Kumire

🥈Second Place – Tristan Cooper and George van Wyk

🥉Third Place – Mia Kumire

Honbu Dojo – Advanced Children

🥇Best Attendance – Steven Bishop

🥈Second Place – Ethan Collard

🥉Third Place – Gina Robson

Honbu Dojo – Intermediate/Adults

🥇Best Attendance – Jason Collard

🥈Second Place – Dennis Stephansen

🥉Third Place – Tirivashe Nyandoro and Lize van Wyk

Honbu Dojo – Seniors

🥇Best Attendance – Rene Bader

🥈Second Place – Pablo Serrao

🥉Third Place – Reino Hasheela

Shinto Dojo – Children Beginners

🥇Best Attendance – Sylvian Vrey-Evans

🥈Second Place – Ndilokelwa Ndaitwah

🥉Third Place – Nekoto Ndaitwah

Shinto Dojo – Intermediate Children

🥇Best Attendance – Farai Penduka

🥈Second Place – Laeya Carstens

🥉Third Place – Eli Wood

Shinto Dojo – Adults

🥇Best Attendance – Monique Jordaan

🥈Second Place – Benson Iyambo

🥉Third Place – Michael Baumann

Walvis Bay Dojo – Juniors

🥇Best Attendance – Shayne Bekker

Walvis Bay Dojo – Seniors

🥇Best Attendance – Eduan Naude

OGKN Honbu Dojo will be closing on the 7th of December and will reopen on the 10th of January 2023!

We wish you a blessed festive season!